konkan4Konkan is located on the west coast of Maharashtra, India. It is blessed with abundant natural beauty and enjoys a cool climate throughout the year. Surrounded by hills and forests and having a long coastline, this is a home for a variety of migratory birds and animals. There are plenty of cashew nut, jackfruit, coconut and betel nut plantations. Known as “Mahabaleshwar of Konkan”, this is a great place to spend your holidays along with your family away from the busy, hectic city life. Konkan beaches have managed to remain untouched and unspoiled and are amongst the cleanest ones on the entire west cost of India. The Nature lovers of the beach can indulge themselves in exploring the hiking trails in the nearby jungles. You can also visit the ancient temples, forts, caves and hot springs nearby.

Physical Division

1. The Mountainous region of the Sahyadri : Ratnagiri district stretches from north to south. In the east of the district are the Sahyadri ranges. This part is mountainous, and at considerable height above the sea level. It is region of the hill-forts of Mahipatgad, Sumargad, Prachitgad. Also there are the ghats of Kashedi, Kumbharli and Amba.

2. The Foothill region : There are stretches of more or less flat land in the foothill region. In some places in this region, the soil is alluvial and fertile. In others, the soil is red.
3. The Low land or Coastal region : Along the coastline on the west of the district, the soil is sand-mixed. Near the coast is flat lowland. This is known as the coastal region or the lowlands. Near the coast are the sea forts of Suvarnadurg, Jaygad and Propaganda.


The important rivers in the districts are the Savitri, Vashishthi, Jagbudi, Shastri, Muchkundi, Kajali and Shuk. These rivers have their source in the Sahyadri. They flow westwards and meet the Arabian sea.
At Sangameshwar in this district is the confluence of the Shastri and Bay rivers. After the confluence, the river is known as Shastri. There are a number of creeks in the districts. They are the Kelshi, Borya, Bankot, Dabhol, Jaygad, Bhatye, Sakhartar, Kalbadevi and Jaitapur.

Ratnagiri District is on the sea coast. The climate here is hot and humid. This district receives heavy rainfall. In the Sahyadri ranges the rainfall is even heavier. The amount of rainfall increases as we go from the west to the east.

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